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1. 希伯克拉底氏誓言(The Oath of Hippocrates, 400BC) 
2. 日內瓦宣言 (Physician's Oath, Declaration of Geneva, 1948)
3. 美國醫學聯盟醫學倫理的原則(The Principle of Medical Ethics)
4. 醫師誓言
5. 赫爾辛基宣言(World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki)
6. 雪梨宣言(World Medical Association Declaration of Sydney on Statement of Death,
1968, 1983)
7. World Medical Association Declaration on Human Organ Transplantation
8. World Medical Association Declaration on Therapeutic Abortion
9. World Medical Association Statement on Persistent Vegetative State
10. World Medical Association Declaration on Terminal Illness
11. World Medical Association Statement of Policy on the Care of Patients with Severe Chronic Pain in Terminal Illness
12. World Medical Association Statement on Physician-assisted Suicide
13. 紐倫堡宣言( Nuremberg code, 1947) 
14. 里斯本宣言(Declaration of Lisbon on the Rights of the Patient 1981)
15. 馬德里宣言(Code for Psychiatrists, Declaration Of Madrid, World Psychiatric Association, 1996)