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Nuclear Medicine Department

The nuclear medicine is based on "tracer kinetic theory" of radionuclides to evaluate biologic molecular function and asses clinic diagnosis and treatment. The techniques of modern nuclear medicine are including radioimmunoassay (RIA) lab, radionuclide scintigraphic imaging/ positron emission computer tomography and radionuclide therapy. The goals of our department are providing good quality of clinic service, clinic research and education of radiation safety. The instruments and clinic services items are as following:

1. Radioimmuno assay lab (RIA lab)

(1)Diagnotic items: the markers of hepatitis, thyroid hormones, reproduction hormones, several tumor markers and new technique development of proteinomics/peptides in medicine.

(2)Equipments Certification : certification lab quality by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation(TAF); 3 sets of automatic well counters (eg. Winzard type); Report system in HIS.

2. Radionuclide scintigraphic imaging/ PETCT

(1)Diagnotic items: myocardial perfusion SPECT or SPECT/CT, lung/liver/renal function test, whole body bone scan, & whole body FDG PET/CT   

(2)Equipments : 4 sets of  dual-head Anger Gamma camera(Siemens e soft, Philips Bright view,Philips Bright view XCT, and GE discovery NM/CT 670) and one PET/CT (GE, 16DST); PACS and RIS 

3. Radioiodine treatment (I131) ward with remote monitoring system (RMS)