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Department of Emergency

The Department of Emergency was established in 1957, and started its emergency medical care at the same time. Early on the grounds internal physician, surgeon and podiatrists support to the establishment of the emergency room. It is an important emergency medical center in southern Taiwan and eastern Taiwan. With the highly specialized medical care, in order to enhance the emergency room quality, emergency department was established in November 1989. Department of emergency medicine was established in medical school in 1995. It began to recruit residents of the emergency department in August 1996. Department of emergency medicine was established in March 2000.

Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, serves as major emergency responsibility hospitals of Kaohsiung, but also the KKP emergency medical network major responsibility hospital, which are charged with the integration of the regional emergency medical tasks. The emergency department is divided into division of internal medicine, which response for most medical emergent condition. Under the division of internal medicine, there are the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Group treatment of acute myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular first aid team to the treatment of acute stroke and intracranial hemorrhage. The division of trauma responds for trauma patients, but also for the treatment of serious injuries and all kinds of rescue surgery. There is a trauma team in order to achieve the most rapid trauma medical support. Division of emergency pediatrics responds for general pediatric A & E, also first aid for the neonates and infants. Internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, neurology, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, ENT, dental and psychiatric and other emergency consultation services, emergency medical team composed of a 24-hour year-round. Emergency department except in terms of hardware, perfect equipment, high-quality and professionalism of the medical staff is our specialty, together with the other department of hospital as a backup, over the years has been to Kaohsiung-Pingtung area citizens with a high-quality emergency medical services.


In education, KMUH is a training hospital of emergency physicians training. It performed and organized many first aid courses such as basic life support, advanced cardiac life support, ATLS, emergency trauma training courses, advanced pediatric life support, emergency poisoning training courses for radiation accident management program, poisons, and of disaster for the accident management program, poisoning life-saving 123 courses, disaster training courses and other health care workers trained to assist hospitals in Kaohsiung and Pingtung areas to improve the cooperation of hospitals and regional emergency medical treatment standards. It helped the Department of Health to teach emergency ambulance worker (EMT-1), so that the prehospital care system is maturing.

KMUH keep in close touch with emergency medical information integration Center (EMOC), Department of Health, Kaohsiung and Pingtung Emergency Medical Response Center (REOC), fire and ambulance units and the surrounding hospitals and support for pre-hospital patient treatment and a large number of injuries transferred.

The emergency department of the future outlook is still service, teaching, research, including continuing to promote and improve the medical intensive, trauma, nuclear and chemical disasters, Poison, emergency medical, disaster medicine, air ambulance and other items of quality health care. Strengthen emergency medical training teaching hospital is to train emergency medical expertise, and regularly sent abroad for further studies, studies include clinical and basic medical research for Toxic Substances and Radiation injury medical observe in order to train clinical faculty, expand the scope of the study and expectations In addition to emergency services, each physician shall be provided with a second skill to cope with the integrity and diversity of development within the Department.